Celebrating 20 Years!

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My passion began as a young girl in school in Vienna, and extended into fashion internships in Milano and Paris.

After graduation, I worked in Mexico with the German Mexico Chamber of Commerce (utilizing my additional educational focus in languages), and while doing so, began offering clothing alterations on the side. My desire to focus on fashion rose, and increased even more after I was hired as a personal shopper to a high society woman in Mexico.

I began designing my own line of custom clothing for women, including bridal, traveling back and forth to New York City. My first fashion show was with Lufthansa Airlines, at their annual benefit….and my fashion career took off from there!

I landed in Connecticut, where Astrid Couture, LLC was officially established 20 years ago, alongside my team of skilled seamstresses.

Within the last 10 years, I have imported Ready-to-Wear and accessories from well-known designers in Europe, such as Maliparmi and Dismero in Italy, in addition to couture clothing services.

I have always believed that strong fashion is like a woman’s secret weapon. It is empowering, can create a stronger sense of well-being and build confidence. My passion lies in helping women discover what individually suits them, with high quality fabrics from all over the world.

Astrid Couture, LLC by Astrid Niemelaeinen